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About R17

In a competitive world, we turn challenges into achievements. Where we lives, where we heading, it's through our experiences & technology. Through years, we bring hopes into a reality, we deliver you the happiness & satisfaction by connecting the best expertise, ideas & new technology to onboarding you the sustainable future.

Rizki Tujuh Belas (R17) Kelola - Large system integrator who helps governments, companies and SOEs to bring digital transformation by using reliable infrastructure, multi-layered cybersecurity systems and application systems to help improving government services to the community, customer satisfaction in companies and improving the work of SOEs through Digital Age Networking, Business Continuity Collaboration & Security and Intelligence solutions. We offer the flexible solutions that made for your organisation's needs, either you are small or medium business with limited IT resources or enterprises with complex IT infrastructure, together we help you to invent the best solutions for your business.

To service this demand a multitude of vendors have entered the market which has created complexity for the enterprise. We secure your network environment through integrated security solutions, providing security management system including software & hardware, fasten onboarding technologies to your IT complexity either on your data center or cloud, and also communication as service. The solutions we offer are based on our constantly updated and tested experience of proprietary AI and Data Science tools.


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