Mobile Guest Softphone

This mobile app for the hospitality industry empowers guests and employees, with all the features of a hotel room phone on a mobile device. Instead

OpenTouch Message Center

Centralized voicemail services with message access from email applications, internal and external phones across OmniPCX Enterprise networks. Your business users are always on the move,

Visual Notification Assistant

The Alcatel-Lucent Visual Notification Assistant provides a simple and flexible, easy-to install, intuitive notification system. It is an ideal solution for enterprises across all industries.

OpenTouch Notification Service

Enhance real-time situational awareness and personal safety by linking alarm devices together with a single, centralized notification platform. Optimizing alarm notification systems to deliver the

Emergency Notification Server

Let ENS handle emergency response, so you can focus on critical decision-making. A powerful emergency comms solution to optimize coordination and ensure safety. A premises-based

Soft Panel Manager

Collect, combine and display business data or contact center statistics in real-time for operational monitoring. As a decision-maker, you need access to timely, accurate data

OmniTouch 4625 Interactive Voice Response

Deliver a superior customer service experience with a powerful IVR system that exceeds customer expectations. For companies dealing with a large number of customers, it’s


Monitor, record and evaluate all employee-customer interactions with call recording, screen capture and real-time listening tools. For contact centers and enterprises in industries that require

Visual Automated Attendant

In business, a telephone call is often the first point of contact. Visual Automated Attendant provides a professional image with a virtual receptionist available 24/7,