OmniPCX Open Gateway

Easily integrate business communications into your applications or processes. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Open Gateway (O2G) provides RESTFul APIs to help developers access OmniPCX Enterprise Communication

DECT Infrastructure

These integrated and external antennas form a robust infrastructure for DECT in buildings and outdoors, so your mobile workers are connected everywhere. Digital Enhanced Cordless


The cloud-based collaboration app that connects you with your business community. Based on the Rainbow platform, a powerful open architecture. The Rainbow app is a

OpenTouch Multimedia Services

Bring unified communications including messaging, multimedia collaboration and employee mobility to an OmniPCX Enterprise business phone system. Designed for companies up to 20,000 employees, Alcatel-Lucent

OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud

Elevate your business communications to the cloud with a flexible, cost-effective, software-as-as-service offer. Designed for enterprises of any size, OpenTouch Enterprise Cloud (OTEC) digitally transforms

OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server

The foundation of a successful enterprise phone system for medium, large and very large-sized companies. Today’s organizations want to improve business responsiveness while offering employees

OXO Connect

OXO Connect is a new generation of robust, connected and converged communication platforms, entirely dedicated to small and medium businesses. The OXO Connect platform is