5 Steps to Build Hybrid Cloud Strategy


Tuesday, 14 June 2022

Nowadays, hybrid cloud strategy is no longer the latest cloud computing option to be implemented by businesses. Hybrid Cloud is one of the most exciting solutions to implement, given its capacity to enable entrepreneurs to leverage public cloud service providers and use private clouds for their applications and data.

Building a Hybrid Cloud strategy also cannot be done arbitrarily. There are things that need to be considered to get optimal profits. There are 5 steps to create a Hybrid Cloud strategy:

  1. Research Service Provider Options and Conduct Trials
  2. It is better to not only dive into or choose one of the Public Cloud service providers. Try to invest your business time and resources in finding a suitable Public Cloud service provider.

  3. Select Scaling Strategy
  4. You can decide which scaling strategy that works and includes factors like budget, data sensitivity, and the control you need over the applications.

  5. Determine which system to use in hybrid cloud
  6. You need to determine the appropriate system for use in the Public Cloud. For example, you are able to use Hybrid Cloud strategy for development, backup, or disaster recovery needs.

  7. Implementing Gradually
  8. Business needs to identify processes, applications, or workloads that act as implementation experiments, so that companies have the opportunity to know the intricacies of system implementation in the cloud. You also need to check the impact of the application in each phase of implementation.

  9. Research Service Provider Compliance Requirements
  10. If your business want to use a cloud service provider, you need to make sure that the provider has data and information security certification to protect the company's data.