Interesting Facts Of Using Virtual Data Center (VDC)


Thursday, 14 July 2022

Currently, many enterprises are using Cloud Computing which is a technology to store company data on internet servers. Cloud Computing is considered easier to use, faster and more secure. This technology development in Cloud has led to a system called Virtual Data Center (VDC) which can simplify the work & operational system in a company.

Here are some interesting facts about Virtual Data Center (VDC):

  1. Can be used as an infrastructure to build applications
  2. Can be used to expand on-premises resources
  3. Can be used as a secondary system for Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) needs
  4. Can reduce the company's costs for physically providing servers

Virtual Data Center is a collection of cloud infrastructure specifically designed for company's needs such as computing, storage memory and bandwidth. This Virtual Data Center is hosted on the Public Cloud and based on VMware vCloud technology, which provides full compatibility with any VMware case. Virtual data center, High Availability (HA) provided by clusterware. Each cluster installation requires shared storage.

Visual Data Center uses network technologies such as encryption, tunneling, private IP addressing and virtual LAN (VLAN) to provide a Cloud environment, Virtual Data Center is a very flexible Cloud server and can be used for large-scale needs. In running Disaster Recovery Virtual Data Center do it automatically. Once management decides to trigger Disaster Recovery run the proper recovery process in VMware Site Recovery Manager and no manual intervention is required. With the Virtual Data Center, of course, it can save a lot of energy, place and time.