The Importance Of Cyber Security In The Era Of Digital Transformation


Thursday, 14 July 2022

The pandemic, remote work culture and increased use of the cloud have contributed to the growing importance of the Digital Transformation function. The pace of Digital Transformation is accelerating like never before. The rush to transition to Digital Transformation tends to make companies seem to forget to pay attention to the cybersecurity factor within the company. Cybersecurity attacks that attack corporate data can be triggered by an increase in Digital Transformation which will cost a lot of money to fix and will also have a bad impact on a company's reputation.

It is important for enterprises to ensure the protection of businesses and assets from malicious threats, including continuous integration and automation of cybersecurity measures to address rapidly evolving threats. Along with the increasing complexity of digital infrastructure and the sophistication of cyberattacks, this becomes a challenge for cybersecurity teams. To overcome these challenges, companies need to design and develop a strong cybersecurity strategy. It doesn't just stop at security strategies, but companies must also be able to implement them so that Digital Transformation can run properly.

Digital transformation has undoubtedly brought a paradigm shift in business operations. For this reason, the cybersecurity team must take proactive and reactive steps to ensure smooth business continuity. Having a strong cybersecurity strategy requires effective implementation. A group of teams with strong execution capabilities is just as important to successfully protect a business from cyber attacks as such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Phishing, Ransomware, and IoT device intrusion.