Enterprise Digital Infrastructure
Networking, Wireless Connectivity, Cloud Infra incl. Services for Enterprise
Enterprise Digital Workplace
Industry 4.0 Enterprise Workplace for Mobile Workforce
Enterprise Collaborative Wide Video Control
Secure & Protect the asset by monitoring & managing the behaviour of the digital users
Defense and Security
Reliable & Secure infrastructure and Social inteligence
About us
We use technologies to help our customers in their journey for transformation through digital infrastructure, future workspace and collaborative platform.

strongplayer in providing Digital Communication Networking infrastructure solutions to Enterprises and Defense/Security.

Today we generate more values in whatever we do and achieve our business purpose through customer-centric approach. 

We use technologies to help our customers in their journey for transformation through digital infrastructure, future workspace and collaborative platform..

To be the leading and indispensable digital supplier and service provider for enterprisesand Defense/security

we work closely with our technology partners and customers to provide the best available solutions, that are reliable, secure and easy to deploy as well as highly scalable to future needs in such a way that still maintain safety and security.  

4 Pillars of Our Solutions

Digital Workplace

​As an established player in communication, we can provide your enterprises an evolutionary steps to embrace the changes towards Industry 4.0 where employees communicate and collaborate with mobile devices and move their working space into the ”cloud platform” making building and offices less important. The adoption can be done in harmony with your existing communication system

Defense and Security

Empower defense and national security forces everywhere with ultra- broadband IP-based modern networking, reliable and secure
Communication, and sophisticated social inteligence

Unified Network Infrastructure

Deploy network(s) that accomodates the SHIFT happens at the side of your employees and customers, with adoption of wireless smartphones, making your network more Agile and Reliable right from the access layer, network layer up-to infrastructure at your data center that enables you to leverage and monetize the values of triple-play, multi-tenancy, multi-apps, IoT, big data and analytic

Collaborative Wide Video Control

Making the right decisions for your organizations requires accurate information, real-time access to your key employees and partners with easy and instantaneous way to view and interact with all type of information sources at once. We can manage to display all your data sources and video-conferencing feeds with multiple-input and multiple-out together on to a single wall

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