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We use technologies to help our customers in their journey for transformation,
Through digital infrastructure, future workspace and collaborative platform.

Unified Network Infrastructure

A unified network is one that integrates wired and wireless components, which share network elements and services where feasible, rather than existing as two separate networks.

There is an industry trend toward unified networking as a way to deal with an increasingly mobile workforce accessing corporate networks remotely through a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets as well as notebook and desktop computers.

Deploy network(s) that accomodates the SHIFT happens at the side of your employees and customers, with adoption of wireless smartphones, making your network more Agile and Reliable right from the access layer, network layer up-to infrastructure at your data center that enables you to leverage and monetize the values of triple-play, multi-tenancy, multi-apps, IoT, big data and analytic

Digital Workplace & Collaborative Video

we are providing your enterprises with an evolutionary steps to embrace the changes towards Industry 4.0 where employees communicate and collaborate with mobile devices and move their working space into the ”cloud platform” making building and offices less important. The adoption can be done in harmony with your existing communication system.

Digital transformation is rapidly changing how and from where we conduct business, resulting in huge market growth for collaborative solutions and video conferencing technologies.

“To service this demand a multitude of vendors have entered the market which has created complexity for the Enterprise. As working culture evolves and modernises, users require the tools and support to collaborate with colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners – from any location, from any device, and using the meeting solution of their choice, seamlessly.

Defense and Security

Empower defense and national security forces everywhere with ultra- broadband IP-based modern networking, reliable and secure communication, and sophisticated social inteligence.

Our solution cover following scope:

Collection & Intelligence

  • Strategic Intelligence Solutions
  • Cyber Offense
  • Tactical Solutions Intelligence at the Field

Cyber Security

  • National / Military Cyber Solution
  • Training/Simulator
  • End Point Detect & Response
  • Tactical Device Defender

Home Land Security

  • Border Control
  • Safe City
  • Command and Control

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